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Summit Forum 2018

China Digital Factory Application and Development Conference

On the third day of the exhibition (October 26th), from 14:00 to 16:30 pm, at the China Digital Factory Application and Development Conference held at the Hall 4, 216 target audiences from industrial gathering places in Foshan and its surrounding areas attended the event. The manufacturers of this conference are: FAW Volkswagen, Foshan Lighting, Dongpeng Ceramics, Yida Textile, Danone (China) Food, Infinitus, Sun God, Kero Food, Hisense Electronics, Midea Kitchen Appliances, Xinbao Electrical Appliances, Anheng Tower Steel Structure, Tupperware (China), Baojing Automobile, Wanjiale Gas Appliances, Jinli Electric, Hele Group, Guangdong Futian Electric, Meijiashun Electric, Suibao Group, Guangzhi Group, Yanyu Logistics, Yibang Holdings Group, Midea Refrigeration Equipment, Nanshun Cleaning Products, Futian-Japan Bundle Storage and Transportation (Guangzhou), Jiayu Clothing, Lianrun Furniture, Mead Johnson Nutrition (China), Yajie Hardware, Haiwang Longkang Medical, Yana Group, World Zhuangmu heat treatment, Baoliya industry, Junyiming glass technology, heart network technology, assembly number e-commerce, Guangyi communication cable, Ruitu Wanfang, Shunda Computer Factory, Guangdong Youxin Communication, Kebeilong Plastic Machinery, Yongtong Electronics, Beidou Tianhua Technology, Fuxin Technology, Qike Composite Materials, New Zealand Lighting Technology, Pai Sisi and other representatives of enterprises (in no particular order) The theme of “Advanced Intelligence, Smart Logistics Integration” was discussed in depth, and the atmosphere at the conference was warm and harmonious.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, Foshan Station officially kicked off with the China Digital Factory Application and Development Conference. Ms. He Biying, Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou Logistics Technology and Application Association, presided over the conference, and the President of Guangzhou Logistics Technology and Application Association Mr. Han Zongping, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Sunshine Health Industry Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhu Dezhi, Secretary General of Foshan Supply Chain Logistics Association, and Ms. Wu Xueying, Secretary General of Foshan Shunde Electronic Information Chamber of Commerce delivered a speech.

Mr. Li Leiwu, the head of Honeywell South China, from the position of lean production in the whole environment of intelligent manufacturing, for the lean production sector, shared the  stable solution of Honeywell RPS Group through the experience of Honeywell Suzhou Code Factory.

Mr. Luo Qiyong, the manager of Jungheinrich Systems, shared the smarter and more informationalized on forklift system solutions on the theme of “Advanced Intelligence and Intelligent Logistics Integration”.

Mr. Zhou Bing, Deputy Director of South China Industry of Alibaba Cloud Business Group, mainly talked about the theme of “ET Industrial Brain” and shared how to use Alibaba Cloud's solutions in the field of big data to achieve an information-based, data-efficient and efficient management factory, and to increase production capacity and reduce costs.

As a planning expert in area of mobile phones, home appliances, LCD and lithium battery industry, Xiao Shijia, a senior engineer of Mitsubishi Electric, brought ef@ctory smart factory to provide China Manufacturing 2025 intelligent manufacturing with integrated solution, pointing out the current development status and difficulties of China's smart manufacturing industry in the process of promotion and demonstrating a comprehensive solution of ef@ctory.

Mr. Cui Songyong, deputy general manager of Gongbo Technology, shared with you the construction of the system at the time of Industry 4.0, and introduced three levels from traditional factories to digital factories: equipment intelligentization, factory intelligentization and intelligentization of the entire ecological chain.

Mr. Hu Weijie, Assistant General Manager of Gaoliwei Glass Machinery and Manager of Information Department, with the theme of “Industrial Internet in the Glass Deep Processing Industry”, mainly shared Gao Liwei’s practical cases of intelligentization and informationalization application. Everyone benefited a lot.

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